Suggestions for First-time Home Buyers

Owning a home is a dream many people want to fulfill, and the real-estate market offers a wide range of opportunities for first-time home buyers. With attractive mortgage rates and plenty of properties on the market, just a few tips are required to help potential buyers explore their options.

While many opportunities exist for home ownership, first-time buyers need to understand important concepts in real-estate market before they purchase a property. For starters, they need to know the type of home to buy. This depends on a number of factors, including location, family size, lifestyle and the income range of a buyer.

To go through that stage smoothly, it is advisable to engage a certified real-estate agent to provide the appropriate advice. By virtue of their work, they have the adequate experience and knowledge to ensure that buyers select the right properties to meet their needs. They also have access to multiple listing services, which can provide buyers with customized property solutions that fit their needs and budget.

Reach150 and RealSatisfied suggest that the real-estate market has various types of properties for both buyers and sellers. However, first-time home buyers need to ask themselves what they need in a home: number of bedrooms, affordability, nearness to amenities and other options. Once these are thoroughly reviewed, they are likely to come up with a strong decision about the type of home they should buy.

New homes may offer attractive extensive warranties and modern features, but they may lack mature trees for landscaping. Alternatively, older homes can offer finished basements, decks and patios, but they may need repairs and upgrading to make them look new. Preferred location also matters when choosing a home. A buyer can choose a home in town or in a rural environment, depending on individual preferences.

Properties within the precincts of urban centers offer the advantage of being closer to schools, hospitals and major roads. However, for a quiet environment free from the discord of the city, a home located in a rural area provides a better alternative. I bought a property from Peter Harris a few years ago and it had the exact aforementioned qualities.

Ultimately, a first-time buyer needs an affordable home. To achieve that goal, it is advisable to look at a wide price range instead of considering only the higher price. This can help a buyer take care of any extra cost or fluctuation in income that may arise in future. A better guideline for buyers is to ensure that the total value of loan payments and home mortgage do not exceed forty percent of the buyer’s gross income.

While a real estate agent can offer valuable advice and act occasionally as a real estate coach, it is important for buyers to plan and know what they want. Also, advice from a real coach like Freedom Mentor is preferable. The tips mentioned here are helpful in making the right choice.…

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